The Passing of a Bay Icon

ME WarrenIt was with great sadness that I learned this week of the passing of perhaps the Chesapeake’s finest photographer, Marion Warren. With over seven decades of photography (his first camera being purchased in late 1930’s), his portfolio consists of well over 100,000 photos from a variety of genres. However,  his remarkable body of work will be best remembered for the iconic images he captured of the Chesapeake Bay, its people and traditions.

As I mentioned in an earlier post titled ‘Days of Bay Gone By’, I wrote about how Marion’s work so tangibly captured a period in the Bay’s history that its nearly impossible to study a Warren print and not be transported back in time. His work will continue to captivate people for many decades to come, especially as the time period that he so eloquently captured, fades away. We’re very fortunate in the Chesapeake region to have had someone of his talent and vision to document the working Bay.

Unfortunately, I never had a chance to sit down with Marion and talk photography - and more importantly - thank him for proving inspiration for my work as well as the work of countless other photographers in the Bay region. And while it makes me sad to learn of his passing, it also warms my heart that his legacy will continue to inspire photographers like myself for many decades to come. I’m sure he had to know this and it must have given him a great sense of pride. May he rest in peace.

17-September-2006 | Chesapeake Bay