Stretch Yourself

Never stop learning.  It’s one principle that I try to live by. One way is to force yourself to stretch creatively by starting a project. Dustin Diaz, a very talented photographer out of San Fran, took on the type of project that was undoubtedly grueling, but incredibly valuable. He called it the 365 Project.

The goal of the project was to set up and shoot a new photo every single day. And by setting up and shooting, I don’t mean simply walking out the door and finding a flower to shoot. He actually took strobes and umbrellas to each shoot. Not only did he take a different shot each day, but he added notes and video about nearly every shot.  Why? So others can learn from his experience / mistakes / successes as well.

Dustin Diaz

Check this project out. Make sure to click on the links following each shot that take you to Flickr for the setup and strobist info.

01-June-2010 | Techniques & Tips