Reinvent Yourself

In any creative field keeping your work fresh is a challenge.  The recipe for this process calls for a cup of introspection and a hard dose of reality.  The moment you think you’re great, the sooner your work becomes stagnant.  You’ll get lapped by others who have the thirst and drive to push themselves and grow creatively. Reinvention is a must.  Rethink your style.  Revisit your technique. 

As a professional photographer, I often go back and look at my work and frankly, I’m often left unsatisfied with the results.  I know I can do better. Be more creative. Stretch myself. I know that it’s vital for me to grow as a photographer.

Zack Arias serves up some reality about his own work (and stellar work I might add) in a video he produced for Scott Kelby’s blog. It’s a fantastic look inward and a must for fellow photographers or for anyone who strives to be creative.

19-May-2010 | Techniques & Tips