Quiet Waters Exhibition

My photography is currently featured in a new exhibit in the Willow and Garden Galleries at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. The exhibit is titled “Nature Happens Every Day at Quiet Waters Park” and features my work as well as the photography of Richard Arnold, who captures wildlife and nature from his backyard, especially birds and butterflies.

The exhibit showcases local habitat and wildlife displays that visitors can both see and touch, focusing on the Park’s streams, birds, trees, fish, and animals. Displays are be located in the Willow and Garden Galleries from April 4 through May 11, 2013.

Come by and see my at the reception on Sunday, April 7 from 2-4 pm.  For more information, visit The Friends of Quiet Waters Park.

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On the Cover

The current issue of Save the Bay magazine - the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s quarterly publication, features a photo of a snowy egret (Egretta thula) I captured on Hoopers Island, near Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.  Snowy egrets, common to North America and found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts from Maine to Texas (and inland along major rivers and lakes), feed on small fish, frogs and crustaceans. They are one of the many beautiful wading birds found along the shores of the Chesapeake. Learn more about the snowy egret.

Save the Bay Magazine

Thanks to the Foundation for featuring my photo. They continue to do great things for the Chesapeake - from education to advocacy. Learn more about the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and this outstanding publication.

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Scotty Boy

One of the most compelling things about photography is the story behind each photo.  Sometimes it’s the story of how the image was captured. Other times it’s the story of the person, place, event or thing in the photo. Whatever the case, it’s as much about stories as it is getting “the shot”.

I’ve been lucky to get over to Smith Island in the heart of mainstem Chesapeake Bay to do a little paddling and try to grab some photos that capture the flavor of this uniquely Chesapeake place. One photo I got was of an old crab scraping workboat called “Scotty Boy” docked in Ewell on Smith Island. This particular boat drew my attention because you could just get a sense of the hours upon hours that this boat has been used to harvest crabs on the Chesapeake.

Recently, I met with fellow Bay photographer Dave Harp, who frequents Smith Island. He produced a fantastic little video about David Laird - longtime Smith Island waterman and the owner of Scotty Boy - that really gives you a sense of place and tells his story.

I hope you enjoy!

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Michael Land Photography website

Welcome to my newly redesigned website! I’ve been clanking away on the site for a couple of months now and am very pleased to finally launch. For those that don’t know, I also do web design fulltime - so it was a lot of fun to plan, design and develop this new site.

A couple of quick notes about the site:

  • I added a bunch of new shots that weren’t on my previous site and merged a few categories and added a few such as black and whites.
  • There is now a full e-commerce option, allowing you to select images and pay immediately through PayPal.
  • The site design is responsive. (Warning: nerd alert) I built the design so that it scales depending on what device you’re viewing it on using a technique called Responsive Web Design. What does this mean? It looks a little different if you look at the site on a desktop vs an tablet vs a smartphone. This allows people to have the best experience no matter where or how they’re viewing the site.
  • I added a bunch of posts to this blog that I had written for one of my other sites and some new ones as well. I hope to blog regularly.

I hope you enjoy the new site. If you have any questions about photography, the site or my work, please contact me - I love hearing from people.

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